Logo is your brand’s identity. An excellent logo design creates everlasting impression on the viewer. World’s leading business brands are known by their logos, and they spend tons loads of money to get the critical brand element right.

With DIY logo design tips, anyone can create a phenomenal logo that will give your business a face. That’s why Logodrill brings to you top DIY logo design ideas! Read on and learn the basic nuances of logo design to come with a memorable logo:


Look for ideas

Idea is the beginning of everything. So, you have think about cool logo ideas to come up with something unique. Go through logos of successful businesses for your initial inspiration. Think of global brands like Apple, Google, and SONY. The first thing that will strike your mind is their brand identity, their logo.


Discuss your ideas

Once you come up with an idea, discuss it with your gang (team, friends or family). Teamwork is behind success of any offline and online venture. The discussion will further refine your idea and also bring out new ones. If you discuss with someone who is into design, you will come across newest logo trends in market and can choose the best for your business.


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Sketchup from scratch

Once you get an idea of your brand logo, start creating a blueprint design. Create something fresh and unique. Try not to imitate another brand’s logo. Start from the scratch. Do involve your loved & trusted ones in this imaginative process. It will help generate new ideas while designing and will reduce stress. The result will be the base of your creative and inspiring logo.


Colour combination

After you have created a detailed outline of your logo, it is time to play with colours. The colour combination plays a crucial role in attracting the viewers. Bad choice of colours may result in inversing your positive brand image. Think of various colour combinations that relate with your brand culture, product or service.


Use an online logo maker

If you can’t come up with an idea on your own or aren’t sure that it will turn out nice, use an online logo maker. It is the  simplest way of creating a business logo at small budgt. You can get a fully customized logo in just few clicks. Just feed the AI logo maker and get your labour saved. The best part is that designing is free, and you only pay if 100% satisfied! Start designing logo for free.


Designing with premium tools

There are several  tools available for designing logos. Illustrator and Coreldraw are licensed softwares that are widely used for logo design. You can opt for any one that suits you. That said, such design tools are complex in nature and require a lot of time to learn. Email support@logodrill.com  to get a custom logo design for your business rather than wasting time on learning complex tools!


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But before you proceed with the above DIY design tips for your brand, you must know what are the essentials of a good logo.

Now that we have listed out the best DIY logo designing tips and ideas, let’s have a look at tips and hacks for logo design beginners:


DIY logo design tips & hacks for beginner:

  • An excellent brand logo is simple and versatile. Use minimalistic graphics and words to represent your brand identity.
  • Consider the proportion and symmetry in design. A good logo is well aligned and placed at specific angles that attracts the human eye.
  • Negative space is the technique of using dual colours to bring forth a dual imaginary. Check out FedEX logo and you will see for yourself.
  • Aim for a relevant logo. Your do-it-yourself logo must relate with your brand, it must give the message of what your business is about.
  • The next DIY logo designing essential is to create a memorable logo. Simplicity and memory are complimentary.  Your brand logo will be memorable, if it is subtle.
  • You will always want to make your business last forever. Keep this in mind while designing your company logo too. Choose a logo that is ‘future proof’.


Having read out amazing DIY logo creation guide, you must have got an decent idea about the best logo design techniques! If you are unsure how to design the best logo for your brand, don’t worry! There are specialized logo making tools created for designing the best logos in less than $50. These AI logo design tools are very easy to operate and offer excellent logo design options.

Logodrill’s advanced DIY online logo design tool is very easy to operate. In just 4 steps and 5 minutes, you can create a unique brand logo!


  • Enter your brand name
  • Choose a design
  • Customize the logo design
  • Download your logo

An extraordinary logo design creates unique identity for your business that makes it stand out. Your brand gets a professional look and it leaves an everlasting impression on the viewers.

Logodrill’s advanced  logo design tool will help you create the best logo for your business, NGO, startup, website, blog, or anything else! Start designing your logo now.

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